Do you regularly check and service your trailer?

Trailer servicing is just as important (if not more so) as servicing your car. Although they do not have an engine, they do have most other moving parts such as wheels, bearings, brakes, brake cables etc.

Trailer service and maintenance can sometimes be overlooked causing expensive and unnecessary repairs further down the line.

When fully laden, a trailer could weigh as much as three and a half tonnes!

Here at Ben Owen Services Ltd we take trailer servicing very seriously we offer inspections, services and general maintenance repairs on all makes of trailers.

We have a vast number of spares and the knowledge to keep your trailer in a safe and maintained condition making sure you stay safe and legal.

The Full Servicing Procedure 

  • Jack up and make safe with axle stands, all wheels must be off the ground including the jockey wheel.
  • Remove all road wheels and check condition and pressure of tyres and wheel rims including spare (adjust if necessary)
  • Remove hubs, strip out seals and bearings and check condition.
  • Check brake shoes and drums for damage and clean. Check auto reverse mechanism.
  • Check wheel studs, re-grease and re-assemble bearings and hubs. (if necessary)
  • Check bowden cables / rod mechanisms.
  • Check axle cable anchor points.
  • Check all clevis pins etc. for wear and missing split pins and replace if necessary.
  • Re-adjust brakes and cables as required to correct tolerances and operation, compensator should run parallel to axle line.
  • Check handbrake action.
  • Check coupling and fixing bolts.
  • Check condition of coupling head to towball fitting.
  • Check draw bar bushes for wear (lift in draw tube shaft). Grease if necessary.
  • Check rubber bellows for splits etc.
  • Check overrun damper action
  • Check breakaway cable for fraying / kinks.
  • Check axle mounting brackets and fixing bolts.
  • Check jockey wheel for winding action, tyre and wheel condition.
  • Inspect jockey wheel shaft for indentation by the clamp handle.
  • Lubricate all moving jockey wheel parts and threads.
  • Replace jockey wheel assembly ensuring clamp pad is in place (if fitted)
  • Check operation of all lights.
  • Check condition and security of wiring and plug.
  • Check suspension units, rubber coil and leaf springs for damage etc.
  • Check that all bodywork fasteners are secure and firmly fitted.
  • Check security and condition of mud guards and mountings etc.
  • Check operation of corner jacks or props.